Escape to Nepal

Martell’s personal escape, October 2013, Nepal, South East Asia, 27 million people, a land warped by severe poverty but a land rich in culture, religion and incredible beauty.

A complete sensory overload, this chaotic country is saturated with lively tones, flavoursome smells, shrines and brightly painted buildings which all capture the spirit of this place.

Towering above the manic villages, the serene Himalayan Mountains stretch across the sky, calm and magnificent much in contrast to what lies below. Reminders of religion and heritage flood the turbulent streets, prayer flags float high between the buildings, Hindu shrines and Buddhist stupas are around every corner.

The architecture of the tall buildings and religious monuments breathe vivid colour and various textures pull in every direction. Brilliant details touch every wall and countless surroundings are sculptured by distinct symbols and sacred etchings. Carvings and artworks are engraved into pillars, doors and ceilings, struts, screens and arches form canopies over glassless windows. Mystic temples dating back thousands of years stand protected and cherished, each characterised by symbols of compassion, wisdom and profound spirituality.

Ancient designs and architecture in Nepal are raw and natural; they draw on inspiration from the fundamental concepts of their wholesome surroundings. Now in this modern day world mish-mash of colour, texture, influence and detail, although distinctly different and frenzied, continue to work in quiet equilibrium to create a wondrous world and inspire innovative design concepts that we at Lucy Eaton Corder Consulting so aspire to reflect and in our everyday workings.