Jacksons Real Food Market



Jacksons Real Food Market

Year:  2016

Location:  Bryanston, Johannesburg

Inspiration:  Authentic Rustic African Farm style

This was an exciting collaboration with Karen Stanek from KS Designs and Lucy Eaton Corder Consulting.  The project and the brief played to Lucy and Martell’s personal wellness beliefs, as well as their preferred design style, that being handmade African inspired décor.  The client’s personal approach to business meant that in order to convey that ethos, Lucy Eaton Corder Consulting needed to assume the same methodology to the design and procurement process.

This resulted in many successful cooperative interactions with artisans and manufacturers.  Most of the décor items that can be seen in the store and the Eatery were custom made.  From the copper stalk lights and wine bottle pendants to the food display stands.

Due to the vast expanse of concrete and warehouse type volume, textures such as bright fabrics, Kubu cane, exposed brick and artichoke patterned wall paper was used to introduce a cozy and intimate feeling in the Eatery.

Farm style accessories such as pitchforks and hoes were wall mounted around the store as a reminder of where most of the produce originates.  Lucy Eaton Corder Consulting also had pendant lights made from old milk pales.  These types of details bring the authenticity to the environment that was essential to fulfilling the brief from the client.

Jacksons Real Food Market in Bryanston Johannesburg is a small, hands on family run business known for showcasing the best of South African food artisans, butcher’s and bakers.  Starting off as a little corner shop across from their now flagship store.  They pride themselves in supporting suppliers with ethics and products based on quality and good old-fashioned nutritional values.  They believe in stocking products that are free from antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives and misleading and false ingredients.  The Jackson brothers strive to avoid feedlot and pesticide using farmers.  Educating their customers to make informed nutrition decisions is their passion.  Some of the items to look out for; wines from bio-dynamically farmed grapes, natural and organic fruit and vegetables, fermented sourdough breads, organic coffee, and hormone free organic meat.

Other than the Real Food Store don’t miss out on a meal or raw juice from the Eatery.  Gary Jackson prides himself on delivering what he calls “a food pharmacy” to his clients and faithful followers.