The Secret City

The Johannesburg CBD and the outer city limits are often perceived as the most hazardous urban zone in Gauteng, looking deeper, this hidden jewel keeps many secrets, talents, artists and adventures that are earning to be unearthed.
Terres D’Afrique offers wholesome, South African products, a natural and inviting shop experience, the interiors are scattered with products and organic d├ęcor-soothing to the soul.
A magnificent 3D visual sprawls across the top of a building and off around the corner. The caption reading “uncontainable” the sheer scale and artistry of this revolutionary work of art is just mind blowing.
The aroma of freshly brewed coffee sweeps through the invigorating streets and settles on quaint corners. An out of office retreat or simply an on the go morning coffee.
Roof top splendour within this urban jungle- The Living Room offers something new and rare in this city living ethos. The vibrant oasis of greenery is a great place for brunch or slow Sunday cocktails.
Playful artworks offer a different take on South African history and culture. Vibrant colours and bold brush strokes add more of a quirky look and feel.
This innovative hanging pendant made up of countless ordinary globes creates an unusual yet attractive feature in the “Great Dane”.
Although encircled by the chaos of the surrounding CBD, these buried treasures, places and people are well worth a day trip to experience the unfamiliar cultures, originality and refreshing inspiration the inner city has to offer.