Trends 2014


Live with the pulse of Africa, we at Lucy Eaton Consulting we are thrilled to forecast what we think to be the leading decor and design trends of 2014.

With all the rage and focus on energetic Africa and vibrant Brazil, valiant colours, feverish design and ethnic vibes are sure to sway the craze this year, moving imaginative interiors in a new direction.

A is for Africa

With Cape Town being the design capital of 2014, the worlds eager eye’s are fascinated by our African soul, rhythms and earthly beauty. Neon animal prints, crisp geometrics, lively compositions, fearless patterns and brightly printed fabrics are sure to make a dramatic statement this year.



Silky shades of blush pink teamed with copper, brass and metallic finishes craft an idyllic trend this year; fashion, furniture and trimmings mesh harmonious hues to create a modern, chic style. “As dusk pulls over the the rusty sunset, the bronzed golden earth falls into the rose washed skies.”


Naturally Handcrafted

Woven pieces, textured items, tribal baskets and braided pendants, all uniquely handcrafted seem to home the authenticity into everyday living. Organic materials such as hemp,felt and wool revive the heartbeat of interiors and inspire a more natural, groomed environment.


Chevron and Monochrome

Rugs, cushions, scarves and fashion accessories, this daring zig-zag pattern certainly brings flavoursome flair to spaces and wardrobes across the innovative industry. Sophisticated, confident and edgy shots of chevron spark interest all through the design world. Monochrome- boldly black and washed white, this androgynous duo endures season to season. The strength of this masculine union creates a sense of powerful depth in rooms, schemes and fashion fiesta’s.


Bio Design – The Natural World

Recycled materials and glass, earth friendly products and organic foods have inspired a new way of life. With oceans of focus on our environment, “going green” has become a lifestyle rather than just the latest rage. We can expect to see quirky, innovative furniture ideas, recycled fabrics and object pieces made from reclaimed items. “Recycle, we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Native American Proverb